RHYME has been known for her thought provoking poetry and always deeply crafted musical stories, for the most part she goes unnoticed, she's the typical 'good girl' in her white dress fighting against the darkness of the plaque. Although the attention has been skewed and her evil twin 'The Internet Girl' wants more likes and followers and is willing to sell her soul for it. Like a Buddhist Diety whom have a scary Dharmapala army by its side,

will the Rebellion Lords protect her? Or will they side with the Internet Girl? RHYME has also been rumored to be having an intimate relationship with a reptillian.

Y, the first rebel, is always the natural leader. With a distinctive hiss and piercing stare, he has been desired by many women for his un-blinkable stare. He also enjoys going undercover to instigate riot events with the human 'y' generation that best man J plans out.


A, is the most troublesome of the group. At a young age, sexually exploited, he thinks is the best to medal with the BE-ing population control. Also has a dirty habit of intermixing with the human race through their modern 'sexting' regimes. Countless controversies as a swinging frill neck, but the most creative of the gill, usually out of it.


J, the most honest of the group, is always offering sound advice. Whether it's to perfect the song's intricate interludes or design mass media cultist campaigns for total world domination. He also enjoys long baths in the sun, and has been spotted holding hands with RHYME.


H, the biggest lizard might as well be called HUgE SCALE. With the tightest pants, he also has the longest teeth. A more hands on approach, this hunk enjoys clawing out the top offices to snug fitly into their CEO's skins. Make no judgement, H holds the most emotional shred to the guitar.



On the sax RHYME

On the Bass Alvin Anthony

on the art Ben Lam

on the earth reptilians