Internet Gone girl

'INTERNET GIRL' What is real? 

Featuring in NYLON Japan JUNE 2018 (magazine print)



【RHYME/インタビュー】 (タイトル)

WHAT IS REAL?>> (サブタイトル)

インターネット世代へ“RHYME”からのメッセージ   >日のなかで、いちばん見て触れているものは、おそらくスマホ。NYLON読者のみんなも、意識的、無意識的にかかわらず、きっとそんな生活を楽しんでるはず。その先にある世界は、あなたにとって本当に大切なもの?



Photo credit:> model RHYME > creative direction RHYME & YULIA SHUR

> photography YULIA SHUR > hair & makeup RHYME > cover & artwork design RAFAEL AVCIOGLU




『INTERNET GIRL』のコンセプトを教えてください。

私達が今直面している“インターネット・ジェネレーション”をテーマにした『INTERNET> GIRL』は、それぞれの曲が、“いいね!”に支えられた自尊心、ナルシシズム、告白、プレッシャー、欲望、復讐、反抗、人格分裂、そして#愛についてのストーリーを表現しているの。



『Pressure to Conform』は怒りの曲で、私達がコンサートやイベント会場に行った時はいつも、その証拠を残すために写真やビデオを撮らなきゃって思ってしまうことを歌ってるの。もし想い出に浸ってばかりいると、過去のことに捕われ続け、私達は今この瞬間を生きていないことになるわ。

『Internet Girl Confession』は、人気インスタグラマーのような“インターネット中毒の女の子”達についての実験的な作詞で、永久に終わらない中毒性を描写する作品よ。

『LA#TRAP』は、大沢伸一さん (MONDO> GROSSO)のプロデュースによる曲で、スウィートで楽しい別れの歌。あなたの人生をモンスターから取り戻し、彼の幻想的なパワーを見るいうストーリーよ。西暦3000年のハリウッドの空を、クルマに乗って飛んでいるところを想像してみて。

『Pretty Girl Feels』は、完全だけど、私達の自尊心と自分を信じるようになるまでの経験が、直面していることを歌っています。鏡に向かって本当の自分に向き合ってみて。

最後のボーナストラックはPlanning the> Revenge』という曲で、復讐を通したドラマに中にある人間の欲求と、この強い感情が他の誰かに戻っていくのかということを明らかにする作品です。どんな欲求もほとんど同じようなものだと思うわ。











>> これからは大沢伸一さんと一緒に、ダンスミュージックと前衛的な歌詞や面白いストーリーを融合する音楽プロジェクトを進めていく予定です。あと、またアイススケートを始めることにしたの!


What’s the concept behind “Internet Girl”?

‘Internet Girl’ is themed around the 'Internet Generation' we now face, each song has it's own story touching on narratives of "like" self esteem, narcissism, profession, pressures, lust, revenge, revolt, split personality & #love

Explain about each track?

Each song created itself, sometimes like when our feelings are so overwhelming and un controllable. I guess it is sin-spired along the lines of BLACK MIRROR, each song has a different story about dealing with the internet and social technology.

‘Pressure to Conform’ is angry, it is when we go to a concert or event and feel like we need to record or take photo for proof. If we are constantly looking back at memories we can train our minds to become stuck in the past and not living in the now.

‘Internet Girl Confession’ is a poetry experiment for everyone that leads into ‘Internet Girl’ which is about Instagram Girl fame, never ending addiction to MORE.

‘LA#TRAP’ which was produced by Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso) is a sweet interesting break up song, it is the story of taking your life back from a monster and seeing through the illusion of his power. Imagine hover car chase through Hollywood year 3000.

‘Pretty Girl Feels’ is the perfect but confronting experience of our self esteem and the process of believing in our selves. Looking into the true mirror, inside and outside.

The final bonus song ‘Planning the Revenge’ reveals human craving for drama through revenge and how much this strong feeling is to get back at someone. Almost the same feeling of lust and wanting.


At the end, these songs made themselves and I was instrument of their> momentary feeling. Only we can judge our own feeling. Now I focus on> the action to heal and find answers, and everyones journey will be different. But I am thankful to write each song, pain and happiness.

Why do you want to debut/start your music in Tokyo/Japan?

People. All the people, doesn’t matter who, can enjoy to listen or have a great sense to try and understand. I like the meaning that Japanese language can express sometimes better then english. I like to combine the lyrics / language to create interesting contrast and experience at shows. I want to debut in Tokyo because my art feels more free here then anywhere else. You can belong, you can be in your own world; I can just be here. And at some point I am a little bit tired of western music industry.

What’s Tokyo city impression to you?

It is a working city, A computer hard drive oasis run by magnitude of creative innovation.

What does Tokyo mean to you?

A new home, secrets where they need to be kept and moments to tell the world EVERYTHING.

What are you focusing on these days in your life?

Writing and balancing home life and work life. Spending at least 1 day a week off my phone.

What’s your upcoming project & future activities?

Shinichi Osawa and I have future music project combining dance music and interesting avant garde fun lyrical stories. I also decided to start Ice-Skating again..

''How our society breeds twists and plots for entertainment, devouring the youth culture and unnaturally over saturating them from every angle. How lust and revenge, so near their feelings, 'I can't stop thinking about it' are additives to our daily feed diet. How addictions have us living online, the small computer that has taken over our world in a big way. Who created this? Humans, how we are made to be.' - Rhyme

The music has been produced and designed around, and fusing, the raw actuality of hyper reality. It is fresh, un structured and perfectly expressive. It's the future of music and poetry.

Combining real life phone calls, iPhone sounds and updates, multiple personality voices melding an urban dictionary (lol) of poetic interludes and long lasting melodic roots that will leave an imprint touch on tasteful pop. 


Genre's include a meld of  Gesang, Spoken Word, Rap, Singer-songwriter, Rock, Alternative Electronic, Avant Pop, Horror Soundtrack, Future Blues, Experimental.

Creative direction by RHYME & Yulia Shur 
Editing and Director of Photography by Yulia Shur

Cover /poster Artwork Design by Rafael Avcioglu

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