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Part 2. ‘Internet Gone Girl’

She is gone, the Internet, a digital trace soundly.

Vertical Visual Poetry. Creative Direction: RHYME Director/Editing: Ryo"SKiRE"Ogawa

Cinematographer/Editing: Futa Matt Ikehara

Hair and Makeup: Momoko Hagita

Translation: Yumiko Sakuma Special thanks styling: Starblinc JP, She's Electric

LA#TRAP is the story of a girl who steals the 'gold' car and decides to leave the fake atmosphere that is greedily built upon. Why ? Because there is a real Hollywood out there, that is really being built again.

Drive to the finale EP of LA#TRAP

'To born, comes from Union. Beyond Physical, the way to interact with Psyche. Hear, here a story of one universe’s union; there is two sides to Venus' ~ RHYME

MVでは、固有の形を持たないニューメディアアートと、果てなく広がる美しい自然を対照的に用いて、心的現象と物的現象を表現している。 近未来的な異空間に存在する武村八重子とライムが、受け入れるように優しく内観を問いかける。 テクノロジーによって分解された形を持たない世界が、存在の原点を問いかける。

LNoL - Equanimity』

Sound design / Music Produce : RHYME

Piano composition: RHYME, Yaeko Takemura & Yoshihiko Ishizaka

Poetry : RHYME

Video Director:Masaki Okita

Creative Direction:RHYME & Yulia Shur

RHYME soft launches official merchandise via her website under Internet Girl; #IGvolumegang merchandise

it includes limited edition;


#IGvolumegang masks

3D and Transparent iPhone cases


RHYME and Ebby Amir venture into the underground mannequin aisle of Tokyo's fashion scene to shoot a story styled with sum of RHYME's new Merchandise. #IGvolumegang

RHYME composers music, including her saxophone playing, for Double Standard Clothing SS/19 Video Campaign.

She is currently the face of Double Standard Clothing 2017-2019. 


LA#TRAP - a homemade music video:

Creative direction - RHYME

Film Camera Direction - Julian Torres

Editing - Yulia Shur

Production assist - Alli Caudle

Hair and Makeup - Michelle Michaelson

Picture Car - The Chase Manhattan

He who desires entertainment calls *her He who wishes to hang up must surrender *within

Exclusive Premier and Shitty interview with Sticks And Stones

RHYME performs her original poetry reading at  MASH HOLDINGS CO. in Tokyo and in November at

Kyoto Temple Festival

She begins to release her street poetry videos from NYC.

RHYME composers soundtrack music for BANANA FISH anime OST. The Project is managed by Shinichi Osawa. He invites her tracklist:

Original Soundtrack:
Today’s Savages
Sins Fate
The return of the ZEN
Cat and Mouse Race

EXTRA Soundtrack (DUE 27th FEB 2019 apart of bonus blu-ray edition)
Choppin’ DUB


The limited Edition vinyl is only 100 pieces worldwide, signed by RHYME. Shipped from Japan.


The vinyl includes:

Transparent Disk

Inside poetry double sided printed disk cover

Sleeve outside Internet Girl artwork as front and back glossy print.


Reserve yours now

RHYME pairs with WAWW to bring special collaboration in Japanese street clothing scene, it combines photogrpahy and original poetry.

It includes:

2 x Hoodie/Parka

3 x T-shirt (Print by Bryan Spitzer photography of RHYME in NYC)