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'How our society breeds twists and plots for entertainment, devouring the youth culture and unnaturally over saturating them from every angle. How lust and revenge, so near their feelings, 'I can't stop thinking about it' are additives to our daily feed diet. How addictions have us living online, the small computer that has taken over our world in a big way. Who created this? Humans, how we are made to be.' - Rhyme

The music has been produced and designed around, and fusing, the raw actuality of hyper reality. It is fresh, un structured and perfectly expressive. It's the future of music and poetry.
Combining real life phone calls, iPhone sounds and updates, multiple personality voices melding an urban dictionary (lol) of poetic interludes and long lasting melodic roots that will leave an imprint touch on tasteful pop.

Genre's include a meld of
Gesang, Spoken Word, Rap, Singer-songwriter, Rock, Alternative Electronic, Avant Pop, Horror Soundtrack, Future Blues, Experimental.


released April 15, 2018

Mastered by Shinichi Osawa (Tokyo, Japan)


Creative direction by RHYME & Yulia Shur
Editing Director of Photography by Yulia Shur
Cover Artwork Design by Rafael Avcioglu

Internet Girl EP (Digital Download)

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