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This Digital Collection includes bonus tracks only available on the Vinyl :

Internet Girls (Vocal Bonus Post)


Internet Gone Girl (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Revenge)

Post for the aftermath. Archives as in the deleted scenes, the disarray of takes that never made it.
In their own way, a beautiful chaotic helix of a collection. Like the scroll of IG feed, never matching each other, yet continuously hypnotizing.

Telling this story because it changed perspective and issues with self online.
'I' am realizing reality, because 'I' exist. I’ve learned a lot and re-learned which lead me to un-learn a lot.

Thank you for teaching me Internet and friends and listeners for the past year. As a completely out of pocket independent artist, your sharing or bandcamp order really goes along way.

Now my lesson takes me away to another form, offline, online.
Rebirthing, standing in the ashes of a past psyche.
RIP Internet Girl, now you are just another ‘Post Archive’


Full Tracklist:

Internet Gone Girl (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Revenge)


Internet Girl (disclosure)
Pressure To Conform LIKE GIRL DOUBLE TAP (RHYME floor retune)
Internet Girl (perception)
Internet Girls (Vocal Bonus Post)


Internet Girls (Stream Version)




Planning the Revenge (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Revenge)
Internet Girl (soliloquy)



released April 15, 2019

All Tracks and Lyrics Produced by RHYME
Additional Mixing and Mastering by Shinichi Osawa

Creative direction by RHYME & Yulia Shur
Editing and Director of Photography by Yulia Shur
Cover and Artwork Design by Rafael Avcioglu

Post Archives (Digital Collection) includes bonus tracks unavailable for stream

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