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FROM RHYME's LINKED MUSIC VIDEO(, these DNA infinity strand loops are glass printed into a 16gb usb joined together by silver chain.


Inside each USB comes exclusive content from the ♾️ ep release such as AUDIO files of the original songs (LINKED + OBAE), music videos (LINKED + OBAE), demo mp3's of the original songs, never before seen video footage from behind the scenes making the project and more!


There is only 10 usb necklaces, each usb, when plugged into the computer, lights up as red but there is one usb that is ice white and contains an NFT on the usb.

This is treated as a lucky dip to the buyer.


Note: that the ice white USB is recognisable as a thick solid infinity loop instead of DNA strand. If you would prefer the RED DNA strand then please opt out of the NFT lucky dip promotion.


Each chain length is approximately 40cm long.


When not plugged into the computer whatever light color or flash is shined on the glass part of the usb it becomes that color. AKA photogenics game 100. [infinity made by Nickeays]


How to use: When releasing the lid from the usb it is recommended to grasp the usb itself and pull the lid off gently, not by pulling from the chains. It is possible to rip the lid off by pulling from the chains but for cool factor it is recommended to open and close the necklace by the usb.

The chain is also un-screwable if you would like to shorten the chain.




RHYMEのLINKED MUSIC VIDEO (から、DNAの無限ループをガラスプリントし、16GBのUSBにシルバーチェーンで繋ぎました。

USBの中には、オリジナル曲のAUDIOファイル(LINKED + OBAE)、ミュージックビデオ(LINKED + OBAE)、オリジナル曲のデモMP3、プロジェクトの舞台裏の未公開ビデオなど、♾️ epリリースからの限定コンテンツが入っています!!!!!!!!!!!!!






使用方法 :USBから蓋を外すとき、USB自体を持って鎖から引っ張っるのではなく、静かに蓋を引っ張ることをお勧めします。チェーンから引っ張っても蓋を引き剥がすことは可能ですが、カッコよさを追求するならば、USBでネックレスを開閉することをおすすめします。

また、チェーンを短くしたい場合は可能ですが、チェーンは必要に応じて回して取り外すことができます。MADE IN JAPAN Bin+World


  • In the case that the item is damaged in anyway returns or exchanges are accepted.

    Note: different computers will need to mount their usb's accordingly. The default system on the USB is ExFAT (which should be compatible with most hardrives)




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