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RHYME RETUNES Compartment One
コン パート メン ト ワン



This collection has been long awaited since the success of RHYME’s first ‘retune’ in Mondo Grosso’s
album of 2018 “Attune / Detune” Her concept of ‘retune’ is her own way of a remix/ a cover/ a new
lyrical perspective of a song or production already out there.
Devised in RHYME’s style, we can witness a time capsule museum of tracks as told in the artwork,
with each song (capsule) representing the theme of the track.

Starting with a hauntingly true (i)message and following from her Internet Girl days, we can hear
‘Let’s Get Digital’ a remake of Olivia Newton-Johns 1981 hit ‘Let’s Get Physical’


Already we hear a more direct RHYME and with Yeuz's blessing we sign ourselves to ‘WAVE’; a
dirty insurance scam story with the digital prince.
This is the track you can do the legal paperwork to its punchy techno that slams power. RHYME used to work at an insurance company when she was younger before her full hammer into Music, coincidence, perhaps not.


Thus from above floated down
into the chamber is ‘Space Oddity’ A David Bowie inspired retune by the Japanese producer
Infloor. The perfect middle floating track where looking for life outside is represented.

Exporting the collection, driving through the sky studio comes the romantic confident rendition of
Mari Natsuki’s "私を生きて" but RHYME's english rendition titled ‘This No Town’ written and
produced by Shinichi Osawa. A new ballad that is sure to make the listener cry to the sky.


Holding the knife is ‘Paradise (Not For Mother & Daughter)’ a retune of RHYME’s favorite
Madonna Song with accompanying vocals by Lex Famous, Produced in NYC by Bryan Spitzer. She
re-tells the story of a girl and her mother by twisting new vocal melodic verses into the song.


The cover, shot and edited by Kosuke Eikura, displays a small RHYME from the present looking
back at the characters she compartmentalized during each song, during this isolated timing.
Musing the color palette of grey and yellows in florescent tones. She holds the digital phone in the left side of tank and a knife in the right side of tank, both signifying a means of destruction to the self. She portrays the essence of re-building in her re-tunes, a message that is accompanying our current
world state.






Space Oddity RHYME
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